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Part of Lavvo Sami Art & Nature, a Sami family business since 50 years.
Silversmith, ceramicist, painter, Sami handicrafter and publisher of own books.
A former schoolteacher of Art and Sami language.


Has worked at the Sami Theater in Sweden. Guide in her own Sami Museum in Ånäset.
Has worked with reindeer herding, hunting, fishing and other Sami livelyhoods.
Lectures in Sweden and Norway with courses in the Sami language, at the High School in
Guovdageaidnu and Várdobáiki in Norway.


Some lectures: What is Sami Art? The holy Animals in Sápmi, Belief and Knowledge: about
Sami Religion, Sami Food and Medicine.
Webinars: Sami Food and Medicine, Skábma - Tales of the Dark Time of the Year.
Art exhibitions in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

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