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Lavvo Sami Art & Nature, a Sami family business in Ånäset; Silversmith, Photographer, Sami craftsman, publisher of own books.

A pioneer in Sami broadcasting with the Nordic countries as work field. Guide in his own Sami Museum in Ånäset, and also X-superintendent for the Railroad Museum in Vassijaure.
Reindeer herder, hunter, fisherman and other Sami livelyhoods. Has lectured in Sweden and Norway with courses in the Sami language at the University in Guovdageaidnu and Várdobáiki in Norway.

Some lectures: Sami Music – Crash Course about luohti, Sami and Northern History, Time:
about Sami bone calendars, Belief and Knowledge: about Sami religion, The Mega Systems
and me.

Webinars: Skábma – Tales of the Dark Time of the Year.
Photo exhibitions in Norway and Sweden.

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